Александра (Сандра) Шуйнова - Aleksandra (Sandra) Sujnova

Александра Шуйнова
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VNIINM 2006 - по настоящее время
School №456 2006 - 2007
BTL 2006 - 2006
Родной город
Регион 71
Языки: Русский, English
Религия: Inquisitors should die!
REGION 71, Venyov, Venyovsky area, Japan, Indonesia Canada, Thailand, Singapore, China, California; music, drawing; touches of flower petals, dreams, love, kisses, summer, camomiles, water droplets, the blue sky, a strong wind, a thunder-storm, a fog, night, fire from a fire to meet a dawn with friends, to wake up with darling, to please parents, cares of them and the friends, to go on the verge of permitted, to burn, consider all night long stars, to get off and try to start all over again and again, to trust in love, to walk on a rainbow, to laugh so that cheeks and a stomach were ill, to talk to that who you precisely doesn't hear, to dig in memoirs, in the past to create nonsense and each time to promise to that more such won't be, and then all will repeat, speak that all well, to fall asleep and wake up in ear-phones, to lose watch, to give happiness, unexpectedness, spontaneity, perfumery, to walk in the rain, to collect badges, to become the deaf person from music, to shout, jump, escape, be at liberty, to hide beer and cigarets, to wait, when there will come twilight and to meet night, to observe of a moonlight, to be betrayed to relatives, to leave far-far, to sleep in the car, the bus, a train, to go to museums, to come in anywhere, to stir with creative and interesting people to go on bridges to rise in mountains to jump in the sea to go for a drive on water and a roller coaster, is sweets to drink red wine, a rum smell, to meet and embrace those whom for a long time didn't see, to kiss, receive flowers, to look on the sun, to listen to rustle of leaves and much that else …
New V.I.S.O.N, Amatory, Nightwish, Tractor bowling, Guano Apes, Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, Simple plan, Purgen, Placebo, Korn, The Offspring, 30 Seconds To Mars, #####, Slipknot, Lumen, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Pink, Sakura, Atakama, Good Charlotte
To smile, travel, study; winemaking; music, foreign languages, drawing; distant trips; friends; a house cosiness; and chocolate
Mister & missis Smith; Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason; Six Days Seven Nights; French kiss; My Best Friend's Girl; The House Bunny; Redline; Fast and Furious; Van Helsing; The Ring; Scary Movie
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Thanks for the Memories; Glamour Shopping therapy; Crime and punishment, The master and Margarita, Gone With The Wind, Aliens, Loneliness in a network
The guitar; American McGee's Alice
Название: ВГНА МинФин РФ
Факультет: Финансово-экономический факультет
Кафедра: Налогов и налогообложения
Окончание: 2011
Форма обучения: Очно-заочное отделение
Статус: Доктор наук
Школа №456 (1996 - 2006)
Класс: б

Художественная школа №3 им. В. А. Ватагина (2006 - 2007)
Тип учреждения: Худ. школа
Подробности: Курсы искусства
О себе
I'm Standing on a bridge, I'm waiting in the dark, I thought that you'd be here by now, Theres nothing but the rain, No footsteps on the ground, I'm listening but theres no sound, Isn't anyone tryin to find me? Won't somebody come take me home, It's a damn cold night, Trying to figure out this life Wont you take me by the hand take me somewhere new I dont know who you are… I’m looking for a place searching for a face is anybody here i know cause nothings going right and everythigns a mess and no one likes to be alone oh why is everything so confusing maybe I'm just out of my mind…
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